Tips and tricks for 3D scanning

When it comes to scanning functions, EinScan 3D scanners are precise, effective and powerful devices. However, the application often causes difficulties in some places. For example, users may encounter problems when setting tracking targets (before the actual scan). Pulling it off after the scan can also lead to stumbling blocks. When we talk about components of average size, problems rarely arise here. This means components that have a maximum diameter of a few meters. However, with parts that are very small or very large, complications can arise when attaching targets. This can slow down the process considerably. We have therefore dealt in detail with tips and tricks for 3D scanning with targets.

Difficulties can arise with boats or large metal castings, for example. In order to enable our customers to add and remove targets quickly and easily, the experts at Mako GmbH have developed various approaches. In this article, we will go into more detail about various possible solutions. These offer our customers significant added value. You save a lot of time by using them both before and after the respective scan.

3D scan with adhesive target marks

Targets 3 to 6 millimeters in diameter are the easiest starting point. Here you should pay attention to the stickiness in which the targets are desired. If you do not want these to linger on the respective component for several days and you want to be able to remove them quickly and easily, we recommend the adhesive minus targets. They have a low adhesive content. On the other hand, if you expect your component to have an adhesive-resistant surface, we recommend using the Kleber Plus targets. Another advantage of these goals: they also help if they are to remain in place over a longer period of time. This is useful, for example, if you have to carry out several scanning sessions. The glue levels are available in all common sizes. Glued targets offer simple solutions for 3D scanning with target marks.

Tipps und Tricks zum 3D-Scan

Further targets

There are of course many other destinations to choose from. If your scanner finds difficult conditions, more reflective targets can help. They make it easier for the scanner to capture the targets. Other examples are magnetic targets. These bring many advantages, especially due to their ease of use. Removing them is also very easy. They can also be attached with a sticker gun dispenser. This enables multiple targets to be attached more quickly.

However, there are also ways of not having to attach the goals directly to the goals. Clamps can be used for this. Simply lift the target marks on the sides of the clamp. You then attach these to the component. This method is useful if you are not allowed to use adhesives on the component itself or if you need additional reference points when scanning around edges.

Diverse requirements. Convenient solutions.

When scanning smaller components, it can happen that even the 3mm target marks do not really work. In that case, just put the targets around the part. Scanning is still possible afterwards. This is where a lazy susan turntable can come in handy. This makes it possible to rotate the object. This setup also enables the components to be reused. Parts can also be scanned from all sides – without having to walk around them. It will be easiest for you if you mount the parts on a vice. On the one hand, this enables the scan in 360 ° and, on the other hand, the capture of the underside. If you use both variants in combination, you have a multitude of options for scanning smaller components. We hope at this point that we have already given you some tips and tricks for 3D scanning.

Tipps und Tricks zum 3D-Scan

There are of course many other ways to make life easy and efficient with a 3D scan. You may know one that we haven’t listed here yet? The Mako-Technics team is always open to further ideas and suggestions. Feel free to share your suggestions and ideas with us. Simply visit our contact page. We are looking forward to your message!

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