Reverse Engineering Potential: 6 Benefits it offers

In many cases, precise data is missing for many products or their individual components. Sometimes there are some, but they no longer really correspond to the current status quo. However, such CAD data is of enormous importance for your own production process. This is exactly where the service from Mako-Technics comes in: reverse engineering. But how does our service work in detail? And what does reverse engineering potential offer in general? The Mako GmbH team explains this in this article.

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Reverse Engineering Potential: What lies behind the details?

Highly accurate scan data form the basis of our service. They serve us as reference data for the creation of new volume and surface models in CAD format. The respective area of ​​application naturally determines the respective individual approach.

First of all, you give us the requirements for your component. We also need information about the exact function of the respective part. Based on this information, the experts at Mako GmbH can make appropriate improvements and corrections within the design. This will help you not just recreate your object. You can optimize it at the same time. Are you interested in the different areas of application of our service? In the following we would like to go into more detail on various of them. But of course these are only a small overview – because the reverse engineering potential is enormous and almost unlimited.

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Reverse Engineering Potential

Reverse engineering helps here:

With its service, the Mako-Technics team offers effective solutions in the following areas, for example:

  • Spare and wear parts in toolmaking
  • Correction of tools, for example in the case of wear or damage
  • CAD data creation for spare parts that are no longer available on the market
  • Competitive analysis by closely examining the products of competitors
  • Update of CAD data sets
  • Design changes

As mentioned above, reverse engineering offers potential for many more areas of application. The areas we have listed here are therefore only a rough overview.

Flächenrückführung 3D-Druck

Can We Help you too?

Do you have further questions on this or other topics? Do not hesitate – contact us today! We look forward to your inquiry. For more information about reverse engineering, we also recommend our Youtube Chanel. There we regularly provide you with videos on new topics and information.

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