How Do I Find the Right CAD Software?

In order to be able to make a decision when looking for suitable CAD software, a number of criteria are required. Because it should be tailored to your own needs, it is worth paying special attention to a few aspects. Which daggers are these exactly? Which aspects should one consider? In this article, the Mako-Technics team presents a number of criteria that should make it easier for you to make a decision.

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Basic Functions of a CAD Software

Every type of 3D software available on the market provides a certain base of functions. To a certain extent, these are referred to as basic functions. They typically enable parametric design, assembly modeling, and self-updating drawings.
A high-quality CAD software should definitely offer these basic functions. But in addition to these basic functions, there are of course a whole range of other criteria that you should pay close attention to when making your selection. In the following we will go into these in more detail.

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Entwerfen von 3D-Dateien in Inventor

Other Important Features

Software is usually designed to help companies keep internal communication as simple and efficient as possible. At the same time, it should increase employee productivity. We therefore recommend that you give preference to providers with PDM solutions. This product data management helps those involved in the process to see at a glance which person made which changes and when. CAD software is of course used in different industries, which means that the requirements for CAD vary. You should therefore take a look to see if your CAD needs are met by a favorite application.
Many companies also value the automation of design tasks. In this case, the corresponding software should of course allow this. It is very important to know whether these will continue to function without problems in the future if requirements change.

Communication with other Programs

In one industry or another, integrating additional parts into models can sometimes take a little longer. If you want to save time doing this, you should make sure that the program of your choice supports component libraries from other manufacturers. If the software can then also easily communicate with other programs, there is another important advantage. Because then you can take over the CAD data of your business partners quickly and easily.

Finally, take a look at the support of your favorite CAD software. It is important that you are offered help quickly, should there be a problem at one point or another.

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To Make the Right Decision

The criteria and factors mentioned in this post should make your decision-making process easier. Do you need further help from the experts at Mako GmbH? Then don’t waste any time and contact us! We look forward to your inquiry and are happy to support you.

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